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This hottie from the Super Bass video. Woof.


This hottie from the Super Bass video. Woof.

(via pikachuears)

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Anonymous asked: Just so you know....
Google never forgets anything.

(Not that I believe that those pictures are of a 17 year old.)


Well, there’s nothing I can do about that.

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Anonymous asked: Did you know those photos that you posted of Davey Wavey were apparently taken when he was underage?


I had no idea. Though, I was told that they were taken off a webcam site. Gotta be careful on those, I guess.

— 3 years ago
Anonymous asked: Hey there, a few people contacted me that you posted some underage pictures of me on your blog at

I was 16 in most of them... and 17 in a few others. Please delete the post.

Thanks so much. If I do get around to taking some newer ones, you'll be the first to know.

XO, DaveyWavey


Deleted. And please do.

— 3 years ago